Green and Clean Pakistan.

It is painfully clear that climate change is already having an effect on human rights. And that this effect will only grow in the coming years.


Pakistan contributes less than 1% of world’s greenhouse gases blamed for causing global warming. It’s about 200 million people are among world’s most vulnerable victim of growing consequences of climate change.

Pakistan is among 10 countries affected most by climate change according to 2018 Global Climate Risk Index released by Public Policy group German watch.

The rate of deforestation in Pakistan has been sharply accelerated and the World Wide Fund Report warns that if the current pattern of deforestation is not controlled, the country will not be able to fulfill its international commitments under the MDGs to raise its forest cover from 2.5 per cent to 6 per cent by 2015, 68 per cent.

Pakistan is a case in point, as it lies at the geographical crossroads of melting glaciers, unpredictably changing monsoons and intensified disaster activity caused by climate change. Despite Pakistan’s diminutive contribution to global green house gas emissions, we are the fifth most climate-impacted nation in the world, according to the German watch Global Climate Risk Index, 2021.

My Government remains completely committed to playing a leading role in tackling climate change and moving towards a “clean and green” Pakistan through a well-articulated climate change agenda consisting of a range of flagship initiatives on the ground.

Prime Minister Imran Khan calls climate change a “defining global challenge” of our time.

What can we do?

My theory is that I will start growing plants and Trees. Trees and plants are one of the key reasons that mankind has come into being. The value of planting trees has been stressed time and time again. This is because of the many benefits they provide. They’re making the planet a better place to live in. They exhale oxygen and inhale carbon dioxide to maintain the ecological balance of the system.

They also consume all the toxic gasses and give us fresh air to breathe. Trees are constructing a sheet to shield us from harmful ultra-violet rays. Indoor plants increase focus and efficiency (by up to 15%!), minimize stress levels and raise our mood. Trees help in controlling water pollution and preventing soil erosion. Trees minimize urban runoff and flooding by storing water and breaking down rainfall. The USDA estimates that 100 mature trees will minimize runoff due to rainfall by up to 100,000 gallons! Trees also absorb noise and minimize noise emissions. This is particularly important for people living along the freeways.

The main reason of increase in global warming in Pakistan is pollution, disposal of wastes of industries and factories in canals rivers, cutting of trees rather than planting etc. industries and factories in canals rivers, cutting of trees rather than planting etc.

Faisalabad is known as the textile hub of Pakistan, there are many factories and industries. which are the main cause of pollution in this era.

The Goal is to grow plant in this area , as I am also living near the Faisalabad. I will just take initiative from my house and workplace.